Madonna Unveiled is the result of a research started in 2006, more than twelve years ago. It would take me a long time to explain how it started and how it quickly developed into much more than a research for me. I prefer instead to use this time to tell you a little story related to my book. Something that happened in the last few years, once my work was close to completion and some chapters had already been finalized.

Whenever someone happened to read a part of it, I was asked the very same two questions, and in the very same order.
The first was how I managed to “find all these things,” meaning all those concepts, all those references, etc. The answer to this question has always been difficult. Understanding complex psychological and alchemical concepts, or searching for Madonna´s references in the most obscure movies and works of literature has always been very straightforward to me. My will was my guide.

What instead has been extremely difficult was to deal on a daily basis with an uncomprehensible prejudice against Madonna, which immensely affected and complicated my work. She is not considered an artist by the vast majority of people. Therefore she cannot be complex. There cannot be any real message in her work. You can imagine what it meant to look for something when everybody around me thought that this something did not exist in the first place.

The second question I was asked was the following, “Who do you think the person behind this creative work is?”
The first time it caught me totally unprepared, I did not know what to answer. Since then I was asked this very same question so many times I had to make a sense out of it. Basically these people, when exposed to my work, had to acknowledge that yes, Madonna is complex, that yes, Madonna has a deep message, but it cannot be coming from her. There must be someone else who thinks for her. As far as I know, nobody has ever questioned the creativity of Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis, Eminem and so on. Even more important, nobody took for granted the existence of someone behind these artists, “thinking” for them. Actually, nobody ever questioned the fact they were and are artists and not just entertainers.

Please, take a couple of minutes to reflect on this. It would be hard for me to think of a better example to summarize the level of sexism and misogyny that still permeates our society in year 2019. At the same time I have to thank all the people who asked that question, as it gave me the final motivation to complete my work and release it to the public, no matter the consequences.